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Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is exactly what it sounds like-its marketing using the Internet. But Internet is a vast sea of features. How do you know where to go? That’s where eDigitalFields comes in. We have employed Internet marketing to build brands and increase sales of hundreds of companies. We can do it for you.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

What is Internet marketing?

Internet marketing is the method of promoting your products using the Internet. There are lots of ways you can do this- some of them are listed below:

  • Email - you can send emails with new product announcements to your existing customers or to any email address you have in your database
  • SEO - optimize your website so that it ranks higher on search pages
  • PPC - advertise with pay-per-click on search engines to achieve top rank on search engines
  • Newsletters - send out regular newsletters to your subscribers with announcements of product specials and discounts
  • Banner ads - display a banner ad on other websites or blogs
  • Blog - write your own blog giving useful information to the readers about your products
  • Social media - promote your tweets or updates on social media

How will Internet marketing help you?

We all spend hours on the Internet every day. In fact, we can't imagine getting anything done without Internet. So, when so many of your customers are spending so much time on the Internet, why not give them an opportunity to learn about the benefits of your products on the Internet?

Achieve a Higher Position

Why eDigitalFields?

eDigitalFields knows its way around Internet marketing. We follow best practices to yield the best results for our clients. Have you ever wondered why your website doesn't rank high even though it is a masterpiece of writing? Have you ever wondered why your likes on Facebook are stagnant at 10 or 20? Wonder no more.

eDigitalFields has in-depth knowledge about how to get your website liked by hundreds or even thousands of people and how to get your website ranked near the top on search pages.

We do it by combining the following practices:

  • Organic optimization of content (SEO)
  • Local search optimization
  • Paid inclusion (PPC)
  • Social media optimization
  • Article marketing
  • Link building
  • Video marketing (YouTube, Google+, Flickr, Facebook)
  • Website analytics
  • Press releases
  • Online public relations

Internet MarketingThink of a time when you went to watch a YouTube video and watched the initial ad, even if there was a skip button. The same is true with greeting cards. Have you clicked on a related ad while sending someone a greeting card? Millions of people are watching these ads and clicking the banners because they are entertaining and engaging. But more important is the fact that the ads are often related to the search that was entered. So you have the audience in the frame of mind to be pitched to. What more can you ask for than an audience that is ready and willing to learn about your products? This is the secret sauce of Internet marketing.

Internet marketing

These are exciting times at eDigitalFields. We are working on some of the most challenging and interesting projects in the IT solutions business. Challenging, because they are on the cutting edge of technology. Interesting, because we know that these solutions will lower our clients' costs and improve their ROI. That makes us happy.


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