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Social Media Optimization

Do you know where your newest customers are? They are on social media. Millions of people regularly talk about products and services on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Are they talking about your products? If not, then they are talking about your competitors’ products. Let eDigitalFields generate buzz about your products on the popular social media networks.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization

According to eMarketer

According to eMarketer (2012), social media optimization is over $3-billion-dollar industry. Social media platforms started out for socializing purposes, such as telling your friends about your new relationship or posting photos of your latest vacation. Now people have started posting information about their experiences with products, services, or websites. And now businesses are getting on the bandwagon to leverage these millions of discussions to drive traffic to their websites and increase their sales. This technique is known as social media optimization. eDigitalFields can optimize your website to excite thousands of people about your products so they'll talk about it on social media with their friends and colleagues. If people aren't talking about your products, services, or websites, and if you are not pulling new customers from social media, then rest assured that someone else is doing it. If you are ready to reel in more customers, we are ready to help with social media optimization.

Social Media Optimization

How can eDigitalFields help?

Social media optimization involves building an effective social media presence for your company.

Partnering with eDigitalFields for SMO will help you in the following ways:

  • We write interesting posts that raise curiosity about your products
  • We provide sharing widgets because people like to share interesting posts with their friends- this multiplies the number of views for your posts
  • With more people reading and sharing posts about your brand, you will see your website traffic rise dramatically
  • Our SMO process will benefit your website optimization so that your Google search ranking will increase
  • With so much buzz about your products online, you will quickly start seeing your sales and profits rise

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How does social media optimization play out on the Internet? Consider this example. You optimize content on your website so that you could drive more traffic to your website. One of the ways in which social media helps drive traffic to your website is by making your content transportable. Here's how it works:

  • Your website is optimized to draw relevant traffic
  • You post on your blog an article about a new product you are introducing
  • On the article you provide links that readers can click to share the content using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or Google Plus
  • Suppose a reader clicks Share > Facebook, a summary of the article and a link appears on the reader's Facebook page as a status update; all that's left to do is click the post button and the news is posted and shared
  • If your content is interesting enough, more people will share
  • The more your content is shared, the more link backs you gain
  • The more link backs you gain, the more traffic you drive to your website

Social media optimization really means how sharable you make your content. eDigitalFields has experts who know content optimization and social media networking. We combine our expertise to make your content extremely transportable. Readers can access your content via mobile version or website version. Let the sharing begin.

Social media optimization

These are exciting times at eDigitalFields. We are working on some of the most challenging and interesting projects in the IT solutions business. Challenging, because they are on the cutting edge of technology. Interesting, because we know that these solutions will lower our clients' costs and improve their ROI. That makes us happy.


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